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Millenium, owner of La Hacienda Golf, files a complaint against its former president, Javier Illán

  • The real estate group begins legal proceedings for alleged continued crimes of unfair administration, fraud, misappropriation and falsification of commercial documents

  • The founder of Millenium resigned in January and faces this lawsuit after KPMG's forensic investigation

Javier Illán, ex presidente de Millenium.

Javier Illán, ex presidente de Millenium.

The real estate group Millenium Hospitality Real Estate, owner among other assets of two golf courses managed under the brand La Hacienda Golf in La Alcaidesa (between the municipalities of La Línea and San Roque), has filed a complaint against the former president and director delegate, Javier Illán, and against other natural and legal persons linked to him for alleged continued crimes of unfair administration, fraud, misappropriation and falsification of commercial documents.

The complaint is based on the facts revealed by the internal audit regarding the acquisition of a property in El Palmar, which led to his resignation from all board positions, as was known on January 24, as explained by the company. to BME Growth. Millenium claims to have initiated legal proceedings "in defense of the company's interests."

Likewise, this demand arises in accordance with the forensic investigation into the performance of Illán's functions at Millenium.

This investigation was entrusted by the board of directors to KPMG after the resignation of the company's founder.

The investigation, in addition to confirming the facts about the El Palmar property, has revealed a situation of conflict of interest in relation to the acquisition of the property located at 4 Gran Vía de Don Diego López de Haro street in Bilbao.

On July 20, 2018, Grupo Millenium Investment Partners (GMIP), a company linked to Illán and of which he was the sole administrator, had signaled with a deposit contract the second purchase of a building in that location, which was planned to be segregated into two farms, for commercial and hotel use.

On March 27, 2019, in two different deeds of sale, GMIP acquired the first property for an amount of 36.5 million euros, while Millenium acquired the other property for an amount of 23.5 million euros.

On that same date, GMIP sold the property it had just purchased to a third party, Sociedad Gran Vía 4, for an amount exceeding 49.8 million euros.

Thus, from this operation, he obtained an economic benefit of more than 13,373 euros.

Javier Illán did not proceed, at any time, to inform the Millenium shareholder meeting of the simultaneous acquisition and subsequent sale of the property and did not refrain from participating in the decision and execution process of the acquisition of the other property by of the company.


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